Thursday, July 28, 2016

All the rest of the shows between now and 2017

Some shows coming up, also, a huge never ending fuck off to blogspot and its appalling formatting

Saturday July 30th, Doors Pub, Hamilton

Intensive Care
Black Iron Prison
Thick Piss

Flier by Chelsea Watt

Thursday August 11th, The Lair, Buffalo NY
Gas Chamber
Intensive Care
God of Gaps
Flesh Trade
Grain Assault

Friday/ Saturday August 12th 13th, Yellow Cab, Dayton OHA lot of dudes with card tables and boutique pedals
Scalp Elevator will also be playing.

Sunday August 14th, Mousetrap, Chicago, IL

Intensive Care
Sea of Shit

Saturday September 3rd, Coalition, TorontoFull of Hell & The BodyCrux of AuxIntensive CareBlack Iron Prison
Flier by Dee Riley
October 13th-16th, The Silver Dollar, Toronto, Not Dead YetIannis XenakisMorticianNelly FurtardoIntensive CareGreg Benedetto (DJ set)Fun Boy 3A Guy Called GeraldNo Warning playing the hits of Nihilist Spasm Band


jim said...

hi Andrew. I have a question I wanna ask you because i'm both a big fan of Shank and Blockade and a music nerd with OCD: keeping it to one record per band and in no particular order, what are your top 10 hardcore records of all time? thanks in advance if you respond to this.

Survivalist said...

If you ask me tomorrow Infest, Cro Mags, Bad Brains, Crucifix, Antisect, Crudity, NYC Mayhem, Void, The Partisans, Extreme Noise Terror, Peggio Punx, Heresy, Poison Idea, BGK, and many others could have replaced all of these.

Discharge – Why? 12"
No Comment – Downsided 7"
Totalitar – Sin Egen Motstandare LP
No Security side of the Doom split LP
Last Rights – Chunks/ So Ends Our Night 7"
Anti-Cimex – Raped Ass 7"
Comes – No Side 12"
Rudimentary Peni – Farce 7"
Ripcord – West Coast Thrash demo
HHH - Intellectual Punks 7"